Eldar Additions and Beginnings

Eldar Warlock of Biel-Tan

The very first army I ever collected was Eldar and I have played and added to it since 1998! The most recent addition was the Warlock. I really like how the helm turned out and now I want to change all my Seer's to have a similar look. That would be why I never finish this army!
The Eldar have seen no shortage of Codecies or Army Lists Variations in that time and I have used and played almost all of them but recently I was inspired to start an entirely new army from scratch. No more Biel-Tan Craftworld it would be a completely original idea similar to my Solar Sentinel Marines. The test model turned out well but I think I would like to bases to be more "icy" than here. I'll take another shot at it.

The working title for the Craftworld is Icefall, in Imperial Gothic, haven't decided on an "Eldar" pronunciation or spelling yet. I hope you like it and I will be posting more of the history of both Craftworld Icefall and the Solar Sentinels. As soon as I turn it into actual paragraphs and not just notes and doodles in my sketchbook!

Thanks for checking out the blog!


  1. Looking good. I like the scheme on the guardian especially.

    Though the photography looks like it could use a little more light.

  2. Thanks Karitas I appreciate the comments.

    I agree with the photos being sub par but on the plus side I now have a larger work space and will be able to set up a better lighting rig.

  3. The paintjob on the craftworld Icefall Guardian looks great, I know how difficult it is to paint a clean but good looking white.

    The Warlock has a nice colour scheme too, but the witchblade isn't "psychic" enough. It looks like common metal and not like a mighty xenos weapon.

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