Spyrer Hunter Orrus

A few years ago a good friend of mine asked me to join a Necromunda Campaign and I signed up with no hesitation. I opted for the Spyrer's as I am notorious for painting slowly and I thought a one to four man gang would be a cake walk. That is where this fellow came from but unfortunately I moved away and never got to play. What do people out there think of Necromunda? Is it a game worth investing in?

While I was taking photos of my Solar Sentinels I decided to take pictures of as many one off models as I could find. I have a pretty good collection of them around. Most from armies I have started or wanted to test out, both colours and if I enjoyed painting them.

So I will be posting them up as often as I can though I suppose coolminiornot is the best forum for such things.

For anyone who likes my new Solar Sentinels don't worry they are still being updated. The green stuff work is complete on the Castellan and I'll post pictures before he is painted.
Thanks for checking out the blog!


Solar Sentinels 1500pts List

Working on a 1500 point list for the new chapter and looking for some feedback. I have played against marines of all types for years but have actually only played them a few times myself and that was Blood Angels. And a couple of great 500 point games with the codex marines. Here is the expanded list:


Castellan (Captain)
- Storm Bolter
- Relic Blade
- Melta Bombs

- Power Fist


Eternals (Terminators)
- Assault Cannon
- Chainfist(2)


Scout Squad (5)
- Sniper Rifles
- Missile Launcher

Scout Squad (5)
- Shotguns(2)
- Combat Blades
- Teleport Homer

Tactical Squad (10)
- Plasma gun
- Lascannon

Tactical Squad (10)
- Melta Gun
- Multi-Melta


Assault Squad (5)
- Plasma Pistol(2)
- Power Weapon


Devestator Squad (8)
- Missile Launcher(4)
- Storm Bolter


I haven't had the chance to play the list as yet but I will let you know how it fares. Still have a few more units to build most notably the Whirlwind and from there it's only painting.

And just cause I hate posts with only text here is the conversion that I am working for the Castellan. Just some green stuff details to be added, like the Chapter Symbol and then he is ready for paint. It's a little hard to see in the pictures but he is standing on an Imperial Eagle I cut from card. I am quite proud of him so far!


Solar Sentinels Marines

My new Marines Chapter has been named!
Solar Sentinels

I want to thank everyone who made suggestions for the name, especially sonsoftaurus who helped out a ton and made it even harder to choose!

Taking a few of the other names that were in the running I have decided to use them for titles and honourifics for the squads, here are some:
Captains will be "Castellans"
Terminators (1st Company) will be dubbed "Eternals"
Sternguard veteran squads will be called Relic Guard (thanks sonsoftaurus for that one!)
Veteran Seargents will be called "Wardens"
If I can think of a few others or anyone has more suggestions I will incorporate them as I go. And so that this post isn't all text here are some pics of the first completed squad. A combat oriented Scout Squad:

Some additional pics of the squad members, if you're wondering the grey haired marine is the Scout Seargent. I had the original metal version but he saw an horrible end as one of my first conversion attempts many years ago!


Space Marines

Marine from my new (yet to be named) Codex Chapter

Recently I have been playing around with a lot of ideas for new armies but decided to stick with something I already had models for. After digging through my gaming notebook I came across an idea I had for a Codex Chapter and decided to go for it.

The idea is that their armour and wargear is very worn and antiquated though they do treat it with respect. This gave me a few options for things like verdigris, rust, weathering, or even adding brand new, shiny armour plates mixed with older armour and weapons.

The chapter is responsible for the defence of a planetary system so I used a castle as the Chapter Symbol. I have a rather extensive list of names written down but can't decide on one so I am asking for any ideas you all might have? If you've got some suggestions please leave a comment!