Starting to plan out a commission for a good friend of mine who has hired me to paint his copy of Space Hulk.

He requested that I paint all the models in a very non-space hulk theme. You can see a lot of this going on around the gaming community, which makes me really happy. Mostly because I get to remove all the Blood Angel iconography from the terminators. Who will then be painted in Raptors livery. I helped Nick design the colour scheme for his Raptor`s ages ago. So it will be fun to revisit them.

As for the Genestealers they really can be any colours at all. I would like to plan out the colours for them alongside the Marines so that the game looks good as a set.

I had a Warrior model primed up and came up with a first test model for the `nids. I have a unit of Genestealers from the Macragge set somewhere and when I find them I will spray them up and try out several other schemes.

So to make this post more than just too many words here are a few shots of the warrior:

system: Warhammer 40K
army: Tyranids
project: commission

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