A while back I had the opportunity to enter a painting competition at my local gaming store strategies. It had an original theme in that you could enter any miniatures from any game system so long as it comprised a "warband" and adhered to the genre. I didn't enter any vehicle categories but did enter sci-fi, to which I entered my now classic Eldar exarchs. Essentially they made up a Biel-Tan Court of the Young King. Which of course brought back fond memories of the old Eldar army I used to field. I also entered my Avatar which I posted pictures of earlier into the Monster category.

But the point of this post is of course the Beastmen that I entered into the Fantasy category. The Wargor had a good showing at the Conflict Warp Stone contest in Vancouver a few years back so he had to be in there. The others were just some choice models from the army.

I had to work the day of the contest winner announcments but managed to stop by afterwards to find that my Beastmen had won the fantasy category! I was really surprised as there was some stiff competition. And to add to the surprises there was also an award for Fan Favourite which was voted by attendees and the Beasties won that too!

I was able to select from a prize pot which was unfortunately rather picked over since I wasn't at the announcements, meaining all the minis were gone. I did get some great resin base sets from Micro Art Studios and the awesome P3 Wet Palette though like everyone else I just made my own it is really great to have a much cooler looking one now.

So if you have read this far it's probably a good time for the pictures!


  1. Ahh another Vancouvrite... I slept through last year's contents or at least the deadline. I was the two time defending champ in the large sci-fi category. I don't like to paint large stuff so this was particularly amusing.

    I also don't recycle greatest hits. I also only seem to enter figs I actually paint for my army, but this year... Well I'll enter my figs a week or a month before like I usually do. I haven't been painting much but rank and file, so I think Plaguebearers and Chaos Chosen (40K) which is what I was going to enter last year will be entered this year.

    I might, might, get a greater demon type model done or some small (6mm) space ships...

    Hope to see you or your figures there. I started a new mini-painting blog and I got roped in to playing in the Mighty Empires Campaign that started on Sunday. Didn't see no Beatsmen there... I cam out of retirement to play the square based game...


  2. Oh and as a two time winner I never was smart enough to show up and pick my prize. I just paint for fun. I got a Charon skirmish case the first year and the second I got a Games Day Spacemarine Sergent.


  3. Those are some great prizes for last to choose. I checked out your site and there is some good stuff on there!

    Hopefully I will see you around some of the events and thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. I liked your beastmen!
    The standard patchwork is just great! It seems not as a complicated technique, and the result is very nice. Also your hounds look very well.

    Keep up the nice job ;D