Space Marines

Marine from my new (yet to be named) Codex Chapter

Recently I have been playing around with a lot of ideas for new armies but decided to stick with something I already had models for. After digging through my gaming notebook I came across an idea I had for a Codex Chapter and decided to go for it.

The idea is that their armour and wargear is very worn and antiquated though they do treat it with respect. This gave me a few options for things like verdigris, rust, weathering, or even adding brand new, shiny armour plates mixed with older armour and weapons.

The chapter is responsible for the defence of a planetary system so I used a castle as the Chapter Symbol. I have a rather extensive list of names written down but can't decide on one so I am asking for any ideas you all might have? If you've got some suggestions please leave a comment!



  1. Nice work, man. I really like the golden trim on the shoulders, really added a lot of 'real, dirty, weighty' feel to the model. Hope that made sense, lol.

  2. Upon seeing the symbol, the first thing that came to mind was Castellans. Maybe some variation on that - Emperor's Castellans, Warp Castellans, Castellans of Regulus, etc. or some Guardians/Defenders type name in the same vein.

    Presumably it's a dangerous area, so something dealing with Marches, Borderers, etc. could work, like Knights of the Spinward March, Beta Ceti Borderers.

    The mini looks great by the way!

  3. Lookin' Good. As for a chapter name, what about something French or Russian, they have some good Castle words...

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    sonsofsaurus the names are great and Castellan's was one of the front runners. I really like the Knights of the Spinward March, great name.

    I'll have to choose soon and I will let you all know what the final choice will be.

  5. Good luck choosing!

    Couple of other ideas:

    -with their emphasis on using and respect for old wargear, something like Venerators (though that's been used), indicating respect/care could be a good tie in, and even link with defense ideas, like Preservers of Hesperax or Relic Guard.

    -Could do further plays on words, have them be Raven Guard successors and work "Rook" in there somewhere.