Spyrer Hunter Orrus

A few years ago a good friend of mine asked me to join a Necromunda Campaign and I signed up with no hesitation. I opted for the Spyrer's as I am notorious for painting slowly and I thought a one to four man gang would be a cake walk. That is where this fellow came from but unfortunately I moved away and never got to play. What do people out there think of Necromunda? Is it a game worth investing in?

While I was taking photos of my Solar Sentinels I decided to take pictures of as many one off models as I could find. I have a pretty good collection of them around. Most from armies I have started or wanted to test out, both colours and if I enjoyed painting them.

So I will be posting them up as often as I can though I suppose coolminiornot is the best forum for such things.

For anyone who likes my new Solar Sentinels don't worry they are still being updated. The green stuff work is complete on the Castellan and I'll post pictures before he is painted.
Thanks for checking out the blog!


  1. I love Necromunda, it is a great system for campaigns (Not really worth playing one-offs IMHO). I would also say that although the Spyrer's look cool, the limited progression (no additional purchases, no land revenues etc) make them rather boring to play.

  2. Thanks for the comments Ragados, I would really like to play a campaign. Just have to get a group together at my local gaming club.

    I've read up on the game a little and I agree with the Spyrer's limited progression. I like the Escher Gang a lot and I even have a few models, so I think I will go with them.