Solar Sentinels 1500pts List

Working on a 1500 point list for the new chapter and looking for some feedback. I have played against marines of all types for years but have actually only played them a few times myself and that was Blood Angels. And a couple of great 500 point games with the codex marines. Here is the expanded list:


Castellan (Captain)
- Storm Bolter
- Relic Blade
- Melta Bombs

- Power Fist


Eternals (Terminators)
- Assault Cannon
- Chainfist(2)


Scout Squad (5)
- Sniper Rifles
- Missile Launcher

Scout Squad (5)
- Shotguns(2)
- Combat Blades
- Teleport Homer

Tactical Squad (10)
- Plasma gun
- Lascannon

Tactical Squad (10)
- Melta Gun
- Multi-Melta


Assault Squad (5)
- Plasma Pistol(2)
- Power Weapon


Devestator Squad (8)
- Missile Launcher(4)
- Storm Bolter


I haven't had the chance to play the list as yet but I will let you know how it fares. Still have a few more units to build most notably the Whirlwind and from there it's only painting.

And just cause I hate posts with only text here is the conversion that I am working for the Castellan. Just some green stuff details to be added, like the Chapter Symbol and then he is ready for paint. It's a little hard to see in the pictures but he is standing on an Imperial Eagle I cut from card. I am quite proud of him so far!


  1. Castellan looks pretty nifty.

    As for the list, don't know how well it will fare depending on your local "meta"-junk. The general lack of mobility might hurt you, but you may be able to overcome that with mass of bodies. I don't know if I'd take a second HQ at 1500 - you could get a lot for those points.

  2. Hey sonsoftaurus thanks for the advice I was in fact rethinking the Chaplain as well. I looked through my models and came up with an Assault Cannon armed Dreadnought for the same points.

    Although giving the Chaplain a jump pack and attaching him to the Assault Squad seems fun too.

    You also caught my other concern and the one that I was hoping I could get advice on and that was the transport/mobility issue. Contemplating dropping the Whirlwind for a couple of Rhinos.

    Thanks again sonsoftaurus!