Solar Sentinels Marines

My new Marines Chapter has been named!
Solar Sentinels

I want to thank everyone who made suggestions for the name, especially sonsoftaurus who helped out a ton and made it even harder to choose!

Taking a few of the other names that were in the running I have decided to use them for titles and honourifics for the squads, here are some:
Captains will be "Castellans"
Terminators (1st Company) will be dubbed "Eternals"
Sternguard veteran squads will be called Relic Guard (thanks sonsoftaurus for that one!)
Veteran Seargents will be called "Wardens"
If I can think of a few others or anyone has more suggestions I will incorporate them as I go. And so that this post isn't all text here are some pics of the first completed squad. A combat oriented Scout Squad:

Some additional pics of the squad members, if you're wondering the grey haired marine is the Scout Seargent. I had the original metal version but he saw an horrible end as one of my first conversion attempts many years ago!


  1. Very cool. I think that the special names within the chapter will help keep them very alive for you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words about my Granite Guard.
    After going through your posts on your Solar Sentinals, I gotta say 'same to ya'. I'm really liking everything you have going...nice paint scheme, great painting, cool chapter symbol, and I really like the chapter specific titles you've come up with. 'Eternals' is awesome, but the others rock too

  3. SAJ, thanks for your comments I am really glad you like the new marines. Your Granite Guard are inspiring and it would seem we have similar ideas for our Chapters. I would have to say that you win the chapter symbol designing though, very cleaver and stylish!